My Business Needs a Website: Where Do I start?

Establishing your businesses’ presence on the internet is an intimidating process for many. Although it’s becoming easier to setup a simple website for your business, most people will get stuck, have questions and give up before hiring a Web Developer. I will help guide you through the web development phases and how you can get your business online today!

First, there are two ways you can go about building a site for your business: Doing it yourself or having someone develop one for you. For a business just getting on their feet, I recommend putting together a simple site through SquareSpace or Wix. These sites are user-friendly and will help you get online today by selecting a template, adding content and publishing that content.

For businesses who have it in their budget and value a professionally designed website, you should seek out to hiring a professional. A professional can incorporate the latest web technologies into your designs (mobile, responsive, etc), making your site user-friendly for potential customers. When hiring a Web Developer, you should look-out for a Developer who will build your site on a CMS (Content Management System), such as WordPress, so that if you want to update your content yourself once the site is complete, you will easily be able to do this. Having a site developed on a CMS is the platform many companies develop extra tools to enhance your site on (open-source), as well as it makes it simpler to perform SEO.

Some simple industry terms you should know when designing your own site or having a professional develop your site are listed below:

Domain Name: This is the website address. This is where your customers will find you by typing in You have many options for extensions with your domain name (.com, .net, .org, .biz, etc). Domain names should run around $10 per year, but you can often search for deals through web hosting companies like

Web Hosting: You need web hosting in order for your site to appear on the internet when a user types in your domain name. Look out for reputable hosting companies. Prices range from as little as $3 per month – just depends on how much content you need and how many visitors you plan to have on your site.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization is a set of tactics used to increase the visibility of your website on search engines, such as Google and Bing organically (without paid advertisements).