Generate More Revenue Painlessly and Quickly!

Statistics have proven, the most effective way for businesses to generate more revenue is by convincing existing customers to spend more money with you. It makes sense right? Your customer believes in you and has been loyal to you already, so as a business owner, you should be getting as much revenue from your existing customers as possible.

One of the best ways to entice your current customers to spend more with you is by creating a newsletter filled with your best deals, new products/services and current promotions. Generating a worthy newsletter filled with your current customers can be fast, efficient and provide a significant return on investment.

For many businesses owners who are trying to stay lean and keep costs minimal, I have good news! Signing up with Mail Chimp is free if you plan to send out less than 12,000 email and have less than 2,000 subscribers.

Okay, so what is Mail Chimp and why do I need to get started today? Well you might already have an idea from the above paragraphs, but Mail Chimp is an outstanding platform, that is super user-friendly and intuitive for tech-savvy, as well as non-tech savvy users to take advantage of.  Mail Chimp offers many rich tools, such as detailed analytic/reporting tools to monitor your campaigns, advanced social media features, super easy to implement design features (whether you want to use a template or custom HTML and CSS design), as well as API access.

To wrap things up, Mail Chimp offers businesses of any size free or affordable solutions to target existing customers and/or customers that you want to exist 🙂